Dance Shoes

Transcript of History of Dance Shoes

By Julia Targove

Pointe Shoe
The next form of pointe shoe appeared in Italy in the late 19th century with a toe area.
These shoes included a box for containing your toes.
These were made with layers of fabric.
Jazz Shoes
They are used in jazz dance and other styles of dance including acro dance, acrobatic, and hip hop.
Jazz shoes have a lot of different styles and colors.
Split sole jazz shoes make it easier to flex your foot and make your foot more flexible.
Most jazz shoes made have rubber soles to give support to your foot as you are dancing.
These new flat bottom slippers were 'glued' to the feet with ribbons around your ankle and were placed under your toes for a better fit. 
The new slippers allowed for a full extension and enabled the dancer to use the whole foot.
With these new shoes you would be able to jump easily.
Suede Shoes 
A suede shoe is a type of leather with a napped finish, commonly used for jackets, shoes, shirts, purses, furniture and other items.
Used for ballroom dance.
Intended Use
The intended use of dance shoes is to dance in them. 
You can dance with different shoes for different genres of dance.
You can use the same shoe for more than one genre.
Alternative Use
Once your dance shoes are ripped or old you can use them as house slippers.
You can use hip hop sneakers as shoes to wear to school or for walk.
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History of Dance Shoes
Heeled Ballet Slipper
The first ballet shoes worn by the Royal Academy of Dance were heeled slippers.
They were pretty difficult to wear and you couldn't really do any jumps. 
This shoe didn't stay along for a long time, in fact it was pretty short. 
The new flat bottomed slippers worn during the 18th century are much like the learning shoes worn by young ballerina’s in classes today.
Flat Bottom Slippers
Tap Shoe
Taps are mounted on with screws and sometimes adhesive.
The screws are driven into a soundboard.
A soundboard is a thin fiberboard integrated into the sole that can be firmly "gripped" by the screws to reliably attach the tap to the shoe.
Product of Technology
Dance shoes fall into the category of biological technology and in the subcategory of medical.
This is because it helps comfort your feet while dancing.
How It Helps
Dance shoes make our life easier because they give us a way to dance, not being barefoot.
It also makes dance more enjoyable because you don't get blisters from turning barefoot. 
Also Helpful
Dance shoes are also helpful because they can be used as old slippers and you don't have to buy new slippers.